Cleaning your coffee maker

Cleaning your coffee maker

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Cleaning your coffee maker

cleaning_your_coffeemakerEveryone likes drinking coffee but just few of us find the same pleasure in cleaning their equipment, am I right? We are waiting for something, put it aside hoping that someone else will do this for us, etc. In fact, there’s nothing difficult in doing the dirty job. Just take water, vinegar and some cloth you’re using in the kitchen and do not feel sorry throwing away afterwards, and clean your coffeemaker.

Take your coffeemaker, clean its filter from coffee grounds and put it aside. Make the vinegar- water mixture: when I first decided to clean my coffeemaker, I read several articles about the proportion of the water and vinegar. Some say you should take 2 cups of water to 1 cup of white vinegar, and clean the device with this mixture. The others consider this is too strong, and suggest taking 3:1 – water and vinegar. And there is the third part who advises cleaning it with half to half solution. You could try either of these variants, and you’ll surely find out what is better for your coffeemaker.

So, the procedure is very simple. Pour the solution into the water carafe and turn the coffeemaker on. Let the device cool down, and then run the coffeemaker again. Repeat the procedure until necessary, then pour out the mixture and fill the carafe with clean water to rinse the pot.

If you feel that the odor of the vinegar is still too strong, rinse the coffeemaker for several times with a mild detergent.

Prepare yourself a cup of hot aromatic coffee!

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