Coffee and Society

Coffee and Society

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Coffee vs. Society

Coffee has become such a popular beverage that it hardly needs special presentation or additional promotion. This is an indissoluble part of human society present in every day’s vital activity of each coffee lover. Coffee is served both at our houses and public areas. There exist the following notions in the coffee world - coffeehouses and cafes. These places are designated for relaxation and friendly meetings. I bet everyone visited this kind of locality at least once in a lifetime – simply because it provides you with cozy ambiance and hot cup of coffee. Here you can order not only a cup of your preferred coffee but also various kinds of pastry, candy and different cakes that can be prepared using coffee. Such places can serve both as a relaxing medium where you can sit alone enjoying an aromatic cup of coffee or chatting with a friend you haven’t seen for long; as a place where you can buy your morning portion of coffee drink hurrying to work.

Another social aspect of coffee is widely showed on the big screen. Every day of our life we keep watching over various TV shows, movies, etc. where coffee is advertised as an essential part of our life. Almost each movie personage or a self respecting showman is shown with a cup of coffee, espresso or cappuccino in his/her hand. Coffee became a kind of everyday ritual like eating bread or drinking water. It is naturally that people begin drinking coffee and this procedure becomes their regular habit.

Literature is another social domain that hasn’t been skirted by coffee. The writers both classic and modern often mention coffee in their works. Such popular French classic Honore de Balzac has even written a whole article “The Pleasures and Pains of Coffee” dedicated to coffee and judging from its name to the delights and problems it has brought to its author. The famous Frenchman isn’t the only one litterateur that praised or reviled against coffee. Almost every author - from past and our contemporary is in need of opening his feelings about this magic drink.

Coffee is considered to be white collars’ drink as it possesses stimulating qualities and is considered not to have negative effects upon human’s mind. Making permanent short coffee breaks at office has already become a rule of thumb and a good tradition amongst its staff. Sitting in a relaxing atmosphere, talking to each other, making some jokes - all these small things are necessarily followed by a cup of hot coffee/espresso/cappuccino/latte. The scientists have proved that this wonderful beverage makes us more friendly and communicative, cause us be easy to get in touch with other people and so on. So from every point of view coffee is a remedy of interaction among people, a way of making friends, come closer in a collective and so on. Any way you slice it, drinking coffee is all about positive.

So drinking coffee has a great underlying message – drink it not only for pleasure and in order to gain more energy but also for flowing into a new team, leading a relaxing conversation and many others. It’s all about society when drinking coffee, so don’t hesitate, go make yourself and your friend a cup of coffee right now!

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