Places to drink coffee

Places to drink coffee

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Places to drink coffee

Have you ever thought about various cozy places to drink coffee at? I mean places different from what we are used to - not a cafe or a restaurant, but something absolutely new and undetectable. Let’s take a good look at such places.

3What would you say about a library serving coffee? I am sure that many of us would be happy to enjoy a cup of hot Joe while reading an interesting captivating book. I would prefer that they also serve you with any coffee you like and of course would be glad to pay money for that – giving them my billing details when leaving the building or something like that.

2Another place where coffee would definitely be a must-serve drink should be hospitals. I know there is a lot of coffee vending machine there but I mean something else, like people serving coffee when you are waiting for a friend or relative to finish their medical procedures. A cafe with a pleasant ambience, with no mention of the hospital would be a perfect find for patients that are tired of their staying there but cannot go home yet.

1A car wash could be less boring for car owners if there was a café or a terrace serving coffee. You could enjoy your coffee and life in general, while your car is being washed. Do not offer whiskey or scotch, it is dangerous for your health and life. :)

4A police station? Why not? You could definitely enjoy your coffee there, only in case you are not under arrest. ;) Just imagine: you came to the police to tell them about a criminal that is wanted, and do that in a calm relaxing atmosphere, without an angry police officer interrogating you at one of those dark scary rooms. :)

These were just a few places that came to my mind while I was thinking about this. If you have any suggestions or ideas, you are welcome to share them on our forum. Have a good day! ;)

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