Coffee plus Tea?

Coffee plus Tea?

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Coffee plus Tea?

coffee_plus_teaI know that this may sound weird to some of you but would you drink a drink that is neither pure coffee, nor a black/green tea to which we are used to? I mean, someone like drinking coffee, and the others prefer tea but what about drinking a blend of coffee and tea?

Researches from both Great Britain (the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London) and France (Research and Development in Montpellier) state in a loud voice that tea prepared from coffee leaves is much healthier and tasty than usual tea or even coffee.

coffee_plus_tea_2As you know, coffee is prepared from coffee beans, so it seems that no one has ever thought about using the coffee leaves as well. Thanks to the French and British scientists, they decided to carry out an investigation on this matter, and the result of their discovery has really surprised them – tea made from coffee leaves, no matter how incredible it sounds, is much better than the usual tea or coffee prepared from coffee beans we were used to before.

This so-called tea has proved to be much healthier since it has a lower amount of caffeine in it, as well as a considerable amount of antioxidants – much higher than in coffee beans or tea leaves, also known for their high level of antioxidants.

coffee_plus_tea_3Moreover, besides being gifted with so many vital ingredients, coffee leaves also contain a certain chemical – mangiferin – found only in mangoes. This natural chemical is said to be able to fight inflammation, reduce cholesterol, as well as keep blood sugar level stable.

What a wonderful drink, don’t you think? Would you drink it, when and if it is available at coffee stores? I wonder how they should call it, since I think that “tea” isn’t the most appropriate word in this situation. It could be “teacof”, ‘’cotea”, or even “tea-coffee”. :) I would like to hear your thoughts, dear friends, since your opinion is much appreciated.

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