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Coffee Health and Fitness

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33Have you ever been in a situation when two of your favorite things intercrossed and you had to get rid off of one of them, since they were two opposite things that couldn't be mixed, like fitness and coffee? I'm sure you won't stop drinking coffee for the sake of fitness. However, quitting fitness for coffee, just to enjoy the drink wouldn't be the best option either. I'm also positive about your wish to continue doing exercises without harming your organism. So what can be done in this kind of situation?

If the main purpose of your exercises is reducing your weight, then you should definitely say “no” to the whipped latte and anything else with a lot of foam and cream atop that сannot be even called coffee. The calories in such kind of "coffee" would only harm your body, putting excess weight over you. Moreover, it would make you feel worse, would also raise the cholesterol level in your blood and won’t do any help to your sports activity.

34Ok, so now that we put the issue with the "fat" latte apart, let's see what we have next. A black coffee, with a little sugar added or no sugar at all, depending on your preferences. A plain black coffee won’t do any harm to your body; instead, the caffeine that it contains would only boost your energy and resistance during the exercises. However, moderation is the key to everything in this life, since drinking a lot of coffee would only lead to the dehydration of your organism and exhaustion which is strongly undesirable. So be sure to drink enough water while exercising to restore the liquid in your body and not faint instead.

Did I just hear a sigh of relief? ;) Yes, now you may stay calm and breathe easier because no one is going to take away your portion of coffee. :) Just always drink your coffee in adequate amounts and don’t quit fitness – it is a healthy mode to be happy and remain full of energy.

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