Organic Coffee

Organic Coffee

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Organic Coffee

organicWhen you buy a pack of coffee, are you interested in where, under which conditions and if this bean was grown with no additional additives? I'm sure there are many other questions but these are the most important, I guess. In a world where anything is done to make more money as soon as possible, fakes and abundance of pesticides in your bean are very probable.

Organic coffee implies that the bean is grown under natural conditions; the plant is forced to develop on its own account and fight the diseases and various vermin without chemicals. It’s a natural process which strengthens the bean and makes it more precious for the customers – for the healthy reasons.

organic_coffee_bushThe main countries cultivating organic coffee are Peru, Mexico and Ethiopia. Thus it is more probable to buy organic coffee from these countries rather than the other coffee producing regions. A farmer growing organic coffee produces lesser amount of coffee and gain lesser money because such kind of business is built on quality, not quantity. Though, it’s true, starting a business like that requires less money due to the fact there’s no need to buy all kinds of fertilizers, pesticides and so on than in case with a non-organic coffee business.

Unfortunately, not all growers came to the idea of growing organic coffee beans yet. It’s pricey and unreliable; the old method of adding pesticides and treating coffee with chemicals is still vigorous enough. The more chemicals a coffee plant is fed, the faster it will grow and be sold. And all this to the detriment of our health.

beans organicAs for the nature effects, I would add that if there were more organically grown plants, not only we, people, would feel more comfortable drinking coffee from organic coffee beans but everything around us would also get more health and safety.

Since we’re talking about organic coffee, I bet you’re interested whether they produce a decaffeinated organic coffee. The answer is positive because the decaffeination process takes place after the growing and thus every bean can be decaffeinated – both organically and non-organically grown. So decaf organic coffee really exists, it’s not a myth;)

coffee organicTo sum up, I would advise that you continue drinking your usual cup of coffee in small quantities and provide yourself with a pack of organic coffee beans, just make sure you don’t drink too much. You don’t have to run it into the ground!

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