Flavored Coffee

Flavored Coffee

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Flavored Coffee

flavored coffeeNature gives us a huge variety of flavors and enriches this range everyday. But people always seek for more and cannot be happy with what they have. Coffee itself is very flavorful and is able to emit lots of fragrances suited to every fancy but that’s not enough for us. Tastes differ and various people like different smells and fragrances. Thus flavored coffees appeared.

Please note that you cannot just take green beans and add some flavoring to them. They should be processed and then roasted, and only then flavored. Also keep in mind that the type of roasting greatly impacts the flavor. If the level of roast is too light, the added flavoring will make coffee bland, lacking any essential flavor characteristics. On the contrary, if the beans are roasted dark, the artificial flavors are often outweighed by the proper taste of the coffee beans themselves.

Before being flavored, the beans should be cooled from the roasting heating process. If you do this immediately after they were roasted, some of the important flavor compounds may be destroyed. In large commercial production the beans are chilled by water which is a quick cheap process. However it has an undesirable effect resulting in washing out some essential fragrances of the bean. As regards gourmet flavored coffee, the beans are cooled much more carefully, by a stream of warm water, as a rule.

amaretto coffeeThe flavorings are added very slowly, in order to touch all the beans you wish to flavor. There is such a term as dry flavoring. When the coffee is ground, you can also add some flavoring by simple mixing- just leave the mixture to rest for 24 hours and a flavored coffee is ready to be taken.

If you ask whether there are types of flavored decaf coffee, we may say – “there are such, definitely!” And why not? Coffee is initially decaffeinated, roasted and/or grinded and only then it is flavored. The process is the same as with usual coffee beans but the taste differs, of course. However, those who prefer decaffeinated coffee won't be disappointed as the taste will enrich and become more diversified.

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