Tips on using coffee grounds at home

Tips on using coffee grounds at home

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Tips on using coffee grounds at home

how-to-use-coffee-groundsI know most of you throw your used coffee grounds away but have you ever thought about making a good thing of it, like using it as a fertilizer for your garden? Or maybe as a deodorizer for your fridge that doesn’t smell that good right now? ;)

There are several ways of using the used grounds, and while some of them may seem weird to you and you won’t even use them, the others will help you a lot in your housekeeping, I promise.

Tip 1: I know you like that old faded dress, would you also like to reanimate it? Take a small amount of coffee grounds and put it into warm water to sit for some time and make a dye. Don’t be afraid to soak your dress in this water, it’ll become new again after you take it off.

You could also dye your eggs or paper (or anything else you desire) with this color.

Tip 2: if you have a real fireplace at your house (and I’m sure you’ll build one after you read this tip), you surely clean its ashes frequently. Powder the ashes with wet coffee grounds to control the excessive amount of dust they produce while cleaning them.

Tip 3: Bad odor coming from your fridge? Nothing impossible here, just dry the grounds, put them into a cup and place it into your fridge or freezer to remove all bad flavors.

You could also sponge your hands with them – to get rid of unpleasant smell after you cut onion or something else.

Tip 4: Curing your cellulite (or if you don’t have one, advise it to your neighbor). Yes, it won’t provide you with smooth and firm buttocks immediately but is worth trying, isn’t it? ;)

Tip 5: Would you like feeding your family with your own mushrooms? Then use old coffee grounds to grow them in your garden.

Tip 6: Most of us have scratches on their furniture, and would be glad to get rid of it. It’s very easy with coffee grounds – cover them up with wet grounds, and the problem is solved.

Tip 7: if you feel that your hair isn’t shiny and smooth enough, rub coffee grounds through wet hair and rinse after washing it. It goes especially good for dark-haired men and women.

Tip 8: These naughty little creatures could try your patience all over again. I’m talking about ants which live almost in everyone’s house. Though it sounds cruel, used coffee grounds could easily solve this problem.

Tip 9: Use them as a remedy against fleas in pets, like cats and dogs. Give your pet a bath, and then rub the grounds through the fur of your pet.

Tip 10: Use them as an exfoliant for your skin. Add them to your daily face masks, it is said to take daily care of your skin.

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