Coffee Random thoughts on the end of the world (II)

Coffee Random thoughts on the end of the world (II)

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Random thoughts on the end of the world (II)

Your Last Chance to Sample Some Real JBM Part II

There is a theory that the Great Pyramid, is in fact, a mathematical code prophesying all the great world events, and the final days.

Surprisingly, the ancient Egyptians used a measurement exactly equal to the modern inch!! a ( self proving? ) fact proven from measuring the great Pyramid in inches, ( just think about that for a moment!! ) and a few of the numbers are the right dates for the great events in history: so the theory, must be right!! Well: almost; the final date they can manipulate from the measurements, is 2001, so that has to be explained as the destruction of the Twin Towers, not being the actual end, but the start of the end???

Following these theories, I have concluded that if I were to measure up my house, convert all my measurements to a "prophesy" measurement ( one that would make all the numbers "work" ), I would be able to manipulate all these numbers, get the dates of history's great moments; and come up with the exact moment of the apocalypse!! You could almost certainly, do the same with YOUR house!! Which, obviously (and logically! ), means that all buildings are, in reality, "prophesies": rendered in wood and/or stone ( or concrete blocks ) just bet you that MY house will be a better prophesy, than Yours!!!

A second "theory" about the Great Pyramid: it was built by "ancient aliens", as a machine to protect, and save the planet from destruction by an asteroid or comet, impact ( exactly, as in an early episode of star Trek: but which came first, the Star Trek story, or this "theory"?? ).

It works by pouring chemicals into the Queens chamber ( the lowest chamber of the pyramid ) down the channels provided, the reaction produces Hydrogen ( "the most powerful fuel in the universe": sure, when in a star, and undergoing nuclear fusion! ).

The Hydrogen being lighter than air, rises up through the passages in the Pyramid, and flows through a series of "resonators" ( of which nothing remains, and not a trace of how or where, they were located, or fixed to the structure ) transformed into microwave energy, which is emitted from the Kings chamber, through the narrow passageway, leading to the outside.

A second part of this "theory", is that the microwave energy needs the cap-stone to be put back on the Pyramid, before it can work: and that the "control room" for the whole set-up, is located in a small chamber which has been located ( by ground penetrating radar ) under one of the "paws" of the Sphinx.

The "conspiracy" theorists, believe that the Egyptian military/authorities have entered this chamber, and know all about this "control room" and have prevented any excavations of the area, to keep it all top secret!

Now we get to Nostradamus: it is just too easy to match his quatrains to all the events in history: his writings are so vague and open to so many different interpretations, that they can be made to fit anything: HIS writings do not give a date for the end of the world, but there are some people who manage to manipulate the writings and come up with 2012; others read his words, as showing things that will happen for at least several hundred years, past 2012.

And, of course, it can only get worse! So now we are having a lecture on all the possibilities of the end of the world ( it is not the end of the WORLD ( the planet, Earth ), just mankind's arrogance, our, "ego-trip" that WE are the "world" ) and how they can be matched with ( what I consider to be ) the lunatic ravings of John the Revelator: the last book in the Bible, which has an equally ( far more so, in my opinion ) reference to the Roman Empire, and nothing to do with prophesy past about 360AD. roughly the end of the Roman Empire; and is a view of the persecution of Christians, by the Roman Empire: depending on how you read the words, everything he wrote, has already happened, and a very long time ago.

The "killer" to my way of thinking, is the specific phrase which states, that the number of the Beast is 666: in the written Greek of that era; ( as in Roman numerals ) letters and numbers were written using the same symbols ( = letters of the alphabet ) and the written Greek can be read in two ways: as numbers ( which, by pure chance, gives us six hundred and sixty six ) or as letters ( which read as Caesar Nero ): without the specific instruction to read these symbols as numbers, the writer would have been executed for insulting the Romans' "God", one Caesar Nero!!

Believers have been telling us, for over a millennium, that the prophesies of revelations, are NOW unfolding, and for over 1,000 years, they have been completely WRONG: so: why should we believe them now???

For over 1,000 years "they" have been extracting money from people, to "avert" the consequences from these predictions, so, as long as the cash keeps flowing, what reason is there for them to stop now??

Not a very good analogy, but hope it makes the point: 2004, hurricane Ivan approaching Jamaica ( and it was a very big, powerful hurricane ) heading almost straight for Kingston: a few hours before the full impact, the centre of the system shifts slightly, and it passes the Island some 60 miles to the North, missing Kingston by about 80 miles ( a distance that reduced the win).

Two explanations were given: the "logical" one; that as the leading edge of the system started to interact with the ridge of the Blue Mountains, it caused a slight pressure build up, on one side of the system and that is what caused the slight shift in direction ( this explanation has been deeply embedded in local "lore", for a very long time: that the Blue Mountains "protect" the island from hurricanes ).

The second explanation was that the church-loads of the faithful believers "prayed" the centre of the storm, away: for them a real win-win explanation: if the storm moves from the predicted path, and misses the Island; they claim the credit; a win: if it does not shift, it was ONLY because they ( and the rest of us on the Island, who should have joined them ) did not pray, hard enough, another "win", as the blame falls squarely on the "rest" of us!!

The ensuing message, join OUR church ( and pay us your tithe,10% of your income ) and when we ALL give our prayers, and our tithes, all future hurricanes can be "prayed" away!!

In the final analysis of all the "evidence" available: if we remove all the statements which are clearly preceded by disclaimers ( all the:- possible, perhaps, maybe, etc: statements ) there is just a single FACT: that around the winter solstice, 2012, the solar system will cross ( again!! ) the imaginary line representing the galactic equator: and it is the date that the Mayan cyclic calendar, completes one of its cycles, and starts a new one.

BUT, and it is a big BUT: I just refuse to accept all this contra-evidence: I, for one, am planning for 4 special celebrations in December of this year: on December 11th ( in the event the numerologists are right ) and again on December 21st ( in case the Mayans are right ) and if I survive these two, I will then have the third party, on Christmas day; just a week before the New Years eve celebrations!

It is my intention, this coffee season, to pick and process a small batch of the most perfect, late ripening, coffee beans, and produce the very best coffee I possibly can: roast it in early December, and drink the nectar on all ( the 4?? ) party days in December.

"Crunch day": if we are still here on January 24th, the Chinese New Year: ALL these Apocalyptic predictions will have been proved totally WRONG: time to celebrate, or; the time to start worrying about the credit card repayments, from the pre-apocalypse parties!!!!

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