African Coffee

African Coffee

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The coffee cradle, Africa, and namely its eastern part have always been standing well with coffee connoisseurs and various roasting companies from all over the world. This continent is widely known for its excellent coffee; the majority of those countries that don’t have the possibility to grow good coffee or cultivate it in very small quantities use African lands for growing their coffee on this territory and then roast and sell it at home. However several roasting companies making their own blends that enjoy popularity over the sea can be found here too.

Good African
The brand has been created in 2003 in Uganda by local businessman Andrew Rugasira who thought that the moment for the Africans to begin processing and selling their own merchandise has come. He gathered a small team of professionals who traveled around the country to find out local coffee farmers that once had the fame of a high class coffee producers. Thus thousands of farmers became the company’s coffee suppliers. In 2004 the brand ushered the world its roasted and ground coffee by supplying it to the Shoprite Checkers supermarket chain. And in 2005 the coffee brand hit the UK coffee market being one of the products included in the Waitrose supermarket chain catalogue.

The company's first records g back to 1963 when Brookebond Tanganyika Ltd was founded by London based Brookebond group of companies. However it changed its owner which turned to be the Tanzania Tea Blenders Ltd controlled by the Government through Tanzania Tea Authority (T.T.A). In 2002 the company changes its proprietor for the third time now – a private company that changed its name to Tanzania Tea Blenders LTD. And in October 2008 the company has finally changed its name to Afri Tea and Coffee Blenders (1963) Ltd under which it is widely known both on the African and European market. The company produces, blends and packs tea, instant coffee powder; roasts, grinds and packs original single coffee.

Gatto Estates
Is a coffee growing, processing and producing company with 2 operating offices in the USA and Kenya. The brand is established by John Gatu of a Kenyan origin who was born in Kenya and raised on a small coffee farm. The enterprise has a wide range а green coffee beans; it also roasts, blends and grinds its coffee.

Sasini Tea & Coffee
This is a Kenyan company involved in growing and processing tea and coffee. Their chief office is located in Nairobi. The coffee is grown in central Kenya with concerns in Kiambu District and Nyeri District.

The Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union
It is the oldest African society founded in 1930 by Charles Dundas. The cooperative is possessed by 90 proprietors who buy coffee from the local farmers in Kilimanjaro.

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