South American Coffee

South American Coffee

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South American

The land of exotic flora and fauna, inflammatory dances and hot temper is populated with one of the most desperate coffee drinkers in the world. The world coffee history states that coffee has been brought to the Southern America from the Far East and only after some contrivances it has spread throughout its territory. However nowadays the Latin world gained the reputation of one of the largest coffee exporters and releases both ground and specialty coffees.

Is a coffee brand produced by Molinos Rio de la Plata S.A. - an Argentina-based company involved in the food sphere. They release instant coffee, cappuccino and espresso.

The founder of the brand emigrated from Italy. It was 1886 when the glorious ancestor moved to Brazil to work on its coffee farms and after a while he bought his own farm. The company has always been involved in coffee planting and processing. It is very popular in Brazil and has a lot of retailers throughout the country.

Bolivia’s Best
The brand is owned by The International Orphanage Union which produces its coffee in order to help Bolivian orphans get new home. These are specialty or gourmet coffee beans intended for further grinding.

Buen Dia
Is produced under the Colombian coffee brand Juan Valdez. This is a freeze dried coffee which means that the liquid coffee infusion is frozen until its absolute hardening. After this procedure, the received mass is grinded and given its final look.

Cafe Gialletti
Coffee brand established in 1996, Quito, Ecuador by Don & Ena Galletti. They produce various products – from coffee, tea to chocoffee – espresso beans covered with chocolate.

Cafe Imperial
The company was founded in 1926 in Maracaibo, Venezuela by Armando Capriles and Fernando Mendes Chumaceiro. It has been growing rapidly and nowadays it is a recognized and popular coffee producing company in Venezuela.

Cafe Pilao
The brand has been initially in the possession of Café Pilao Caboclo Ltda – the major Brazilian coffee company of that time. After a while the enterprise has been sold to the Sara Lee Corporation - a worldwide consumer-goods company located in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA.

Do Ponto
Another famous Brazilian coffee brand owned by Sara Lee Corporation. It produces one of the finest ground and whole bean Brazilian coffees.

Juan Valdez
The brand unites more than 500,000 coffee producers who joined together to show the world the best properties the Colombian coffee possesses. Juan Valdez café is a popular coffee chain selling whole bean, ground, decaffeinated and regular freeze dried coffee under the famous logo to such countries as including Chile, Spain, Ecuador and the United States.

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