Coffee Pods

Coffee Pods

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Coffee Pods

A coffee (espresso) pod or pad, as it is called in non-English speaking countries like Germany and The Netherlands, is a packaged ground coffee in its own filter. Don't confuse it with a variation, a coffee bag.

not-senseo-podCoffee bag is a mixture of instant and ground coffee which allows making a flavorful coffee in just 5 minutes. Modeled after tea bags, these coffee bags should be poured over or stepped into boiling water. Just as you like!

There are varieties of coffee pods of different brands, models and sizes. However, these pods can be so much different that owners of certain coffee machines are forced buying a coffee or espresso pads of only one manufacturer.

senseo-podThe Senseo coffee pod is totally different from the pods of other producing companies. It has already become a registered trademark. Other companies have no right making their pods similar to the Senseo ones.

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