Coffee Famous Equipment Brands

Coffee Famous Equipment Brands

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Famous Equipment Brands

We've already discussed different types of coffee equipment, and since you know the difference between a French press and a coffee pot J, it's time to move on and learn something new. I'm sure that information helped you choose the right type of coffee maker you want but not the brand you know will work perfectly for you. Here's the list of most popular and reliable coffee equipment makers:

coffee makerBlack and Decker
The first company from our list is the well-known Black & Decker company which specializes both in electrical and kitchen appliances. I'm sure our readers know this brand very well because it operates for more than 100 years in the United States and outside the country, building itself a strong and solid reputation. You can find some coffee equipment here made from steel and designed specially for home using. One should also notice that the Black and Decker company specializes in cordless devices that is their characteristic feature.

coffee machineBraun
This German based company is a subsidiary of an American giant corporation we know from childhood - Procter & Gamble. Braun is specializing in making devices for shaving and grooming, oral care, beauty care, health and wellness, irons, clocks, calculators and, finally, food and drink preparation (we are interested in the most).
The company produces four lines of coffee making equipment:
Design Collection Sommelier – a stylish high-class coffeemaker that will help you make an excellent coffee at home, just like they do it in restaurants (with OptiBrewSystem-optimal temperature, brewing time and extraction ratio – for perfect coffee taste.)
CafeHouse coffeemaker – an excellent example of a coffee making device intended for home use but equipped with all new technologies that will help even a newbie prepare an excellent cup of fresh coffee.
Classics coffeemaker – a classic design with an easy operating system – for more conservative users.
CafeSelect coffee mill – and finally a device no coffee lover could prepare its flavorful cup of coffee without. This simply-looking, but only at first glance, appliance is not that simple at all. It does help any person to grind some freshly roasted coffee beans without any problems, but it also let you select from 14 settings – whether you wish to prepare filter coffee or espresso.

coffee equipmentBunn
This company, as opposed to the two above, is specializing only in coffee making equipment – both professional and for home use. They were the pioneers in inventing the paper coffee filter for commercial use. The Bunn-O-Matic corporation numbers more than 35 years of operating in the USA with its headquarter in Springfield, IL and also in Canada.
They are known for producing their famous equipment, such as Phase Brew, Velocity Brew, Single Serve coffee makers, as well as filters and accessories for these devices.

The Jura-Capresso company is, in fact, a merging of two coffee making companies which were known as sole brands before that – Jura-Capresso LLC and Capresso Inc. Jura AG was founded in Switzerland in 1931 and was already a worldwide known company before they merged with Capresso Inc. The latter was created much later- in 1994 in the USA but is of no less importance in the world of coffee connoisseurs.
The corporation produces various kinds of coffee equipment, such as Impressa and Ena automatic coffee centers for professional use; espresso machines, such as EC100, Ultima, Capresso Cafe and 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine; coffeemakers like CoffeeTEAM GS, CoffeeTEAM TS, MT600, MG600 and CM200; coffee grinders - Infinity conical burr, Burr Grinder stainless steel and Cool Grind blade grinder.

coffee chemexChemex
This company is known for its unusual coffee maker which is a glass carafe kettle called Chemex. A very simple device resembling the sand hour and equipped with a filter produced by Chemex only- because it is thicker that the others. The procedure of making coffee in such device is easy – put the grounds on the top flask, boil water in another vessel and then pour it over the grounds. The aromatic beverage will soak through the filter and settle on the bottom of the Chemex carafe.

coffee automatClover
Coffee Equipment Company was a sole operating company until it was bought by Starbucks in 2008. They invented the Clover® Brewing System which is a revolutionary invention at the commercial level. This system uses an innovative Vacuum-Press™ technology to create an excellent cup of coffee right in front of your eyes.

coffee carafeCurtis coffee
The company is located in the USA and is specializing in making professional coffee making equipment, such as coffee and tea brewers, specialty dispensers, grinders, misc equipment and accessories.

delonghi coffee makerDelonghi
It's an Italian company specializing in producing small appliances for kitchen, coffee making, floor cleaning, air conditioning, etc. It is very well known in Europe and embraces almost the whole world distributing its products to every destination.
Delonghi produces the following devices: superautomatic, espresso, nespresso system, moka, steam, drip, combi coffee makers, grinders and accessories.

gaggia coffeeGaggia
The second Italian company in our list of famous coffee equipment manufacturers was established in 1947 by Achille Gaggia who applied for a patent for a steamless coffee machine to be used in coffee bars. The corporation produces two lines of coffee equipment: domestic and professional one.
The domestic line offers its consumers the following devices: automatic, manual and capsule machines, as well as coffee grinders.
The professional line deals with fully-automatics, manuals and grinders.

espresso equipmentHamilton beach
This United States company operates mainly in Canada, Mexico and the United States accordingly and is considered to be one of the biggest manufacturers of kitchen and coffee making appliances.
Their line of coffee making production is called BrewStation® coffee makers and is distinct for its enclosed brewing system and gentle keep-warm heater.

coffee making automatKrups
This German based company takes its roots deep in 1846 when they started manufacturing precision scales. But only more than 100 years later they finally released a ONKO coffee machine which is still available on the market as the F468.
The Krups company which merged with Groupe SEB after bankruptcy in 2001, produces coffee grinders, coffee machines (Automatic Drip Machines, Specialty Machines, Coffee & Espresso Combination Machine), Cup-On-Request, Espresso machines and many others, also being one of the strongest competitors of such brands as DeLonghi, Braun, Black & Decker, etc.

coffee espressoMr Coffee coffee
This is an American registered trademark of Sunbeam Products, Inc. and is thus a subsidiary of that corporation. Their main device they are mostly known for was created in 1972 by two enthusiastic engineers Edward Able and Erwin Schulze.
The company produces a lot of various coffee and espresso machines for domestic use which could be bought directly from their official site.

maker espressoNewco
A US based company which is specializing in coffee making equipment and also coffee supply to offices was first established in 1974, in Saint Charles, Missouri.
The distinct feature of the Newco company is that besides selling coffee making equipment and various accessories such as airpots, carafes and dispensers, they also give their customers to create their own label on any product they make – be it a thermal carafe or an espresso machine

coffeee making deviceSaeco
Another Italian brand on the board – invented in 1981, relatively recently, by Sergio Zappella and Arthur Schmed. It's all about coffee in this company, and of course they produce both professional and domestic use appliances, such as automatic (Xelsis, Syntia, Odea, Talea, Royal, Incanto, Vienna Plus) and manual machines (Via Venezia, Aroma), as well as all sorts of other equioment, such as drip coffeemakers and coffeemakers with grinders.

technivorm coffee makerTechnivorm
The company was established in 1964 in the Netherlands and is actually called Technivorm-Moccamaster. They are specializing in professional and homeuse coffee making equipment which includes a lot of types of coffee making machines, grinders and brewers.

espresso machine coffeeToddy
Toddy, the last coffee making company on our list, was first established in 1964 by Todd Simpson who decided to make something bigger than just work for someone after ending his studies at Cornell. He created and then began selling The Toddy, a cold brew system that creates a superior-tasting cup of steaming hot coffee. The device also produces 67% less acidity than any other usual system of a kind.

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